Chairman's Message

As a Local Kuwaiti Company, we do right things in the right ways for the right reasons all the time, this is Engineering Refineries. Our core values helps us to pursue our vision to be among the most successful sustainable and responsible companies in the market. Ethics is one of those core values. It guides our actions and decisions and itʼs a  constant reminder of what we believe and how we operate. 

Commitment to excellence and client satisfaction form the basis of our philosophy. We believe that only outstanding workmanship, superior quality control, effective safety methods and continuous development of our management profile with professional skills can bring about the desired results and our goal of customer satisfaction, and as we know that great things in business are never done by one person, theyʼre done by the team of people, and this success could not have been achieved without focus , hard work and commitment of all our Employees.

ERC looks forward to a very challenging future.